In 2015 I received my BA in Literature from University of California Santa Cruz with a concentration in modern literature. I moved to Finland in 2016 to attend the University of Helsinki  and pursued my master’s degree  in English philology/ intercultural encounters in their Department of Modern Languages, which is currently en pause in order to complete a FLE program Bordeaux Montaigne University. After living in Bordeaux, France (and hopefully finishing the grand task of editing  projects independent of my studies) I plan to complete my master’s degree in English and French Literary Theory so as to pursue my doctorate in the History of Consciousness at UCSC in 2019.

I’m 24 years old, using this blog as a means of inviting friends and strangers alike to experiment with narrative and emotional complexity — because we have the privilege of doing so! Some of my work is simple, some it it dense, and there are links to sillier, happier material here and there. I welcome you, I appreciate your browsing, and I’m open to collaborations and reading your work as well!

Je vous souhaite en ce sens une agréable lecture!

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