A friend that will rain dance with me  like no one’s watching. When we’re in a parking lot.


Genevieve can’t have dairy, therefore chocolate.

Genevieve therefore always has some sort of gummy candy nearby.

Genevieve is a giant, is naturally tan, and has long, thick dark hair that makes you wish you also were also a giant, naturally tan, and owner of long, thick dark hair.

Genevieve gives things away almost as if everything she owns is slippery. If you like her bracelet, she’d probably laugh, slip it off her wrist, and mention she really didn’t really want it anyway.

Genevieve is likely sitting in a chair in Janet’s home at this very moment, pouring all that kindness into Rwanda. This girl has collected more goats than Pan.

She reminds me everyday that a $45 goat feeds an entire family for a year. I’ve clicked this button and done so twice… cuz after visiting, I got to see she’s right. 

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