Annika is the middle Nelson girl. She’s 21 and good at everything.

I once witnessed her play a whole night of Beer Pong without missing a cup. Not one. Like a freak of frat nature.

Annika and her best friend Frankie held up a sign that said “Anne Frank” at their high school senior picture picture day and got boo’d by the whole auditorium.

She had me swear I’d never bring it up again. I had to put it here.

While Larissa and I saw white and gold, she saw blue and black. This confirmed in 2015 Annika was indeed the black sheep/Khloe Kardashian of our threeness.

The ‘last will and testament’ she wrote up when she was nine still sums up current Annika somehow.  IMG_0113.JPGWhich is to say incredibly generous and also very susceptible to getting tired quickly.

Also why she left a dresser to our pet rabbit is beyond me.

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