Jumping Right In

My favorite way to tackle introductions is with some good ol’ fashion TMI.

It weeds out the weak.

Was that a challenge? You decide. 


Once upon a time I fell stupid silly in love with a pen pal (ask Genevieve or the Barry Girls, they witnessed the whole show). How I explained my story to him at first was like this… which, you know, is why Annika tells me to be less intense. 

Author Note: reading suggestion for, like, this entire blog? Click the links. Clicky le linkies. Clicko de linkos. Why so much earnestness about this? They’re the gems in these genre caves, and you’ll want them down the road as you dig deeper to the center.

And while I still stand by what I said in that letter and even this one, a lot has happened since because…

That was years ago.

To rip you from the ‘Dear Him’ letters and fast-forward several years, I drop you into the moving window created for me by Fran Collin that will take you to Africa, too.

The structure of this rather self-centered maze (I know, I know. You just watched 3 minutes of straight me, I know) is to end up illustrating the opposite– that le centre n’est pas le centre. I am always in the middle of my life, but I’m not the center of it. Katrina Nelson is the sum of all her stories.

People are stories.

This is a literature about the people who have walked through my life, disguised as telling you all about my life. 

Did I lose you a little? Good. Now we’re getting somewhere. 

If you haven’t already hit the basics yeaaaahhh do that shit.

If you wanna tell me something... yeah send that shit.

If you wanna just jump right in… let’s do this shit.

Once upon a time, I came to this conclusion.

Since then I’ve caught a series of physical and metaphorical trains. Trains that have weaved me through many countries, into many homes, through many rooms…

Trains that have led me to the top of stages at music festivals, deep to the bottom of my bank account. Trains that have led me under wild pressures and over silly people. Trains that have guided me to the right jobs, trains that have kicked me out at bad habits.

Trains that have lead me to you, undoubtedly. Nice to see you again.

Welcome to my train station, where you’re allowed to travel wherever you wish with our without me knowing it. Isn’t the internet the best. Isn’t it so secret? And at the same time so revealing? 

Kind of like the human mind.

This can be easy reading (hunt through genres, subscribe for the weekly reads, peek for the latest confession)  or… this can be fairly intense.

Like life, you get to choose. I’ve designed all the works to weave themselves to several Cores, and I’ve left many keys in different pieces. Trust me, you’ll know them when you find them. Identities aint linear, yo.

So if you’re game for an adventure, welcome to platform. A human isn’t always pretty, humble, smart, or kind. It can be conceded, ashamed, broken, and bizarre. We grow, we backslide, we progress, we fall.

The way to the center isn’t ever  straight or clear.

Tread lightly, laugh heavily, ask questions, find the treasures.

Welcome to the castle.

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