My Journal Entry on November 13, 2015

Have you really processed it?


Answer honestly: Did you call your family and tell them that you love them?

If you have not, then I have more news for you:

You have not truly processed what has happened in Paris today.

You have hurt, and you have sympathized, but you have not empathized with the terror, the genuine horror of being caught in the middle of Unpredictable. You have not comprehended to the depth that your humanness is  how lucky you are, right now.

You may be aware that 127 people have been killed today.

But I ask you to feel one hundred and twenty-seven, and each life hiding beneath each number.

If you have truly had your heartbroken by today’s events, you called your family before you changed your profile picture.

Because the best way to support Paris is to really, authentically, powerfully LOVE.

We must not be so weak as to respond to this attack with hatred.

It is weak, and you give the attacker power.

Do you not realize that they win if you hate? They WIN. DO YOU REALIZE THIS?

Be strong. I know, I know; it seems like it cannot do anything.  Be strong and respond to this by loving everyone you have.

Do you really hurt over the loss of innocent lives? I challenge you to be strong, and actually feel blessed to be alive. The scariest part of terrorist attacks is that they are unpredictable.

You want to know if you can do anything to help Paris? I have an answer. I do, I know how you can honor the 127.

Make peace.

Look in the mirror.  You can look at your wrinkles. You can look at your scars. You at every inch, every warmth, every chill. I dare you will dare to love every moment on that flesh. YOU ARE BLESSED TO BE ALIVE and realize that there are so many who are not. For no reason, right now.

If you do not love every bit of you, you are not doing everything you can for Paris.

If you are not loving every person in your life, you are not doing everything you can for Paris.

If you are thinking “Fuck terrorists” is your greatest contribution to this conversation, then you are not doing everything you can for Paris.

Do not be weak. Do not let the enemy win by letting our anger turn into ignorance. 

Do not be weak. Do not let social media become an excuse to say you care, without actually connecting.

Do not be weak. Stay informed.

Have you really processed this?


I love you, too.

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