Most Beautiful

Let me undress

The most beautiful word.


Rel. uh. Vent.

A fast beginning.

A rolling start.

A quick, selfish scream from “L”

Who wants her name in before the word-show ends.

Impatient little “L.” So much word left.

Her selfishness slides the middle part

Into an uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

.01 second of chaos.

So low! So unexpected!

But right. It seems right to be so low.

But how?

And before confusion can set in—

like a gust of wind, our hero!


Our French savior

Swiftly conducting

A sharp, crisp “T”.

Leaving a meaning full echoe

In the cave of the right mouth.

The cavern of the right ear.

Our Speaker says


And world and word are the same.

Such a rush!

A pause hovers in the air

It could almost be imagined

For saying relevant

Is as much a commitment as it is

a dream.

For, is that not our lives work?

At the raw core of it all?

To feel relevant?


We are rolling, hopeful, poetic beginnings,

We, like L, etch our identity into our projects

Having to undergo the long uuhhhs,

To reach the crisp clarity of achievement.

And the chaos!

Of speaking a complex world through a simple word

And realizing

Relevant is the most beautiful word in the world


Besides you

and I.

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