A Pause in my Morning Between Reading Assignments

It’s kind of a miracle, really. If you think about it. That you, You Who Is Reading This, made it this far.

There’s so much chaos in the world. Accidents cropping up and feeding on strangers, stealing our friends.  Accidents on a street, in the air, with machines, in our blood. Accidents as this rogue, unaccounted for sort of roaming magic that manifests out of nowhere, cooked up by the universe to remind us nothing lasts, that room for other things need to be made, and we’re powerless to stop it.

It’s kind of crazy to stop for a second. To feel the chair, the bed, the couch beneath you as your chest heaves up and down real small-like (so small you probably didn’t notice it until you checked) and realize….holy shit, how has Random Chance not hit me with an accident yet?

And for a brief moment you just understand the luck of it all. And the next person you see, you can’t help but feel a little closer to them somehow; you’re still rooted to that feeling of realizing you’re both mind-blowingly, chaos-defyingly….lucky. You’re both sitting in a big pile of There’s Still More For Some Reason. It’s like you get a second chance out of nowhere, just realizing an Accident hasn’t roared by and trampled you (never one so big that it extinguished you all the way out!) since you we’re born. Just by existing, you’ve given Accidents every opportunity to swing by without warning and take you somewhere you weren’t planning to go.

Every person awake right now, as you read this, are survivors, really. If you think about it.

At least, that’s just how I see it right now, as my chest heaves-up and down real small-like and I sit wondering at Still More for Some Reason.

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