Passenger Seats and Carry Ons

I wonder if planes

Are sacks of love

In the sky.

Bear with me, but

Air pockets where thoughts breathe

Selfishly and selflessly

At the same time…

Because with the smallest turbulence

My thoughts shift to You

And what You’d think

When you heard to news

Of the plane crash.

And suddenly I’m a mess

In the sky

A thrilled mess

Thinking less of myself

And more of myself

Than ever before.

Therefore I wonder—

When the plane shakes

And they put on the “fasten your seatbelt” sign,

If suddenly everyone else

Thinks of Someone, too.

That person

In the corner of their mind

That lurches forward

As the plane lurches sideways,

Like those breathing masks

That drop from the ceiling

That we know are there

That we don’t give much thought to

Until Danger arrives.

And so all at once

With the smallest bump

A plane pumps

Love and fear

(fear because love

And love because fear)

Straight through the vents.

Like a lightning bolt!

There and gone, again.

Because then we—

The other passengers and I—

realize that we’re silly.

How silly!

Of course, we’re fine!

And my daydreams subside

And those normal storms in our head

The dull storm clouds

Come back again.

Like baby-sitters.

And phone bills.

And bus fares.

And the plane is filled with just People again.

And You slowly ebb back into your corner

Of my mind.

And give way to me noticing

The snoring man.

The reading girl.

The tablet guy.

The woman who flipped through the sky mall magazine

Who only looked up twice.

Once to ask for “A gingerale, please.”

And once more,

When the “fasten your seatbelts” sign lit up

Because we were descending.



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