You: So my life sucks because _(insert issue here)_.

Me: I’m very sorry. Everything’s gonna be alright though.

You: Do tell, Katrina, how do you know eveything’s gonna be alright?

Me: Because let’s be honest–we all know the Time Machine is gonna be invented. It just is. Maybe not within the next fifty years, maybe not the next hundred (shoot, maybe the Genius doesn’t put the finishing touches on the Time Machine until three thousand years from now!) but when it does… you better believe that time machine is gonna get a lot of use.

I mean, there will be a shit ton of regulations and stuff, I’m sure we poor people don’t come near it for a while, but still. It’ll happen.

So if you think about it, don’t you realize that everything that’s happening had the potential to be changed…but didn’t?


Can you comprehend that maybe it was changed? That you’re living in the best-altered reality manageable? You may right now feel like you’ve been dealt some shitty cards, but Future You is peering around the corner watching you struggle and thinking in disbelief You…you ungrateful sonofabitch! They told me this would happen, but damn! You think this is hard?! We even tested it and I diminished your problems by, like, 87% in making sure you didn’t get that job. Shiet. I wish they’d invent a way to tell our Past Selves to see how good they have it. My Past Self has no idea….in fact, mine might be the most dramatic…

I guess what I’m saying is, yeah—

Times get hard. Some things in life really do suck. We lose things, we break things, we lose people, we break more things.…

But I always try to remember that it’s okay. Whatever giant mistake, whatever huge loss….it was truly meant to be. Future Me is always like Yo girl, I got you. I trust her implicitly. And therefore I trust that everything happens for a reason.

So yeah, like I said. Everything’s gonna be alright so long as you believe in the Time Machine. And like, if you don’t believe in God (who’s already reassuring a bunch of people it’s all gonna be chill) you gotta at least believe in science.

Because Time-travel is like super science or something. Which makes it super fact.

(Dig the logic, you’ll smile more).

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