Cliff Hangers tho

Cliff hangers in the middle of a story…Man, I hate those.

Unfortunately, I have leave you with some.

1. So push comes to shove-myself I did end up meeting up with another guy on Tinder. Who’da-fuckin-thunk it, eh? But that story doesn’t go how you think it will, I promise. Please remind me it involves: a missing leather jacket, the police, a fire, an island, the stars, and a hospital. Also, another missed tram.

2. I leave for London today. In like, less than 2 hours. I’m actually just typing this away on my phone (cuz I’m a smart traveler and leaving the lappytoppy at home cuz stealers) and super stoked cuz:

  • this is the first time I’m traveling outside of France since arriving here, and I think it’s about damn time
  • I’m about to do a series of hostel stays, which I’ve never done before and it sounds like the epitome of early-twenties travel
  • someone mentioned a Zombie Party going down in while we’re Edinborough, and I’m so tryna dead for Halloween
  • Hi Grandma and Grandpa, I love you!
  • yeah, I know that last thing doesn’t really coincide with the theme of this list, but when you feel it, you feel it– never hold love back.
  • Fuck it, while I’m at it– Hey fam, know that I really miss and love you all. If I hadn’t been so busy these past couple days, you know I’d have been all over our group WhatsApp convo. Know I’m very happy, a little tired, and very consistent with my tick-medicine.

…and lastly, I’m stoked to tell you all about it later.

This is one of my more bizarre posts, for sure. But I’m distracted, I really want to eat this baguette ham sandwich I just bought in the airport, it’s staring at me in my peripherals as I type. All blurry and beautiful and baguette-y. Definitely gotta start this voyaging and hop off my phone.

Hang in there on the cliffs,

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