My Nightclub Dance with the Devil

He told me later that his friends called him Satan.

It made sense.

I’d never met anyone more like the devil in my life.

That face.

That smile.

Those eyes.

It all bore, and it hurt all over.

He asked me what I was drinking.

I said water.

He asked me to take his hand.

It was shaking.

“See how it shakes?” he asked.

I took it.

“Drugs” he said.

Oh.  Now his eyes made sense.

He asked me what I had done.

I said nothing.

I don’t know why I blushed.

It doesn’t embarrass me.

He smiled.

He told me I was rare, that he liked that.

I knew he meant it.

He noticed the bartender wasn’t helping me.

He asked for my plastic cup and left with it.

I stood there until he broke back through the crowd.

Always that smile.

He’d brought me sink water.

I thanked him but stared down into the cup for too long.

He noticed.

“I would never drug you. All you’d have to do is ask, but no.

I’d never drug you.”

I can’t explain how.

But I knew it was the truth.

I tossed it into planter when his back was turned.

It was the principle.

We moved downstairs to the show.

It was hot as hell.

He put his glasses on my face.

Everything got darker.

But the strobe lights sharper.

It made the music scorch my skin.

I’d never danced like that before.

He told me I looked more beautiful with them on.

I took them off.

It was the principle.

But he never pulled me.

Didn’t grab my hair, like that tall boy did.

Didn’t grab me, like several other men had.

He never grabbed me, never touched me.

Except to help my hands to the ceiling.

Or when he rubbed my shoulders to wake me up

When my dancing slowed.

It was a nightmare.

I was exhausted.

I was confused.

I wanted to stop dancing

And I knew I never would.

I looked over just once,

And he had the biggest smile yet.

“You dance all night with nothing. You are my idol.”

I knew he meant it.

The music reignited my dancing.

It was fueled by the sudden vanity…

And I implore to you understand.

You must understand.

I learned how the devil works that night.

He is honest, that is the scariest part.

He makes you decide for yourself.

He will offer you Sin like a gentleman.

He will be the most interesting, toxic conversation you’ve ever had.

He already knows how it All works.

…But he doesn’t force your evils.

He inquires you to reflect on them.

He can cater to the temptations, if you want.

Only if you want.


And there I was,

Needing to get away.

And refusing to leave,

When suddenly the approaching sunrise broke the spell.

And just like that…

I stopped dancing.

And walked out.

And he didn’t try to stop me.

He just made that smile.

It made me shudder

And wish to see him again

At the same time.

And as the distance grew…

As the sun rose over my nightmare…

I realized that while I liked to live like an angel

Satan makes one hell of a dance partner.

By the time I made it home

It was light out.

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