You Knew This Was Coming

Farewell, Cali!

Goodbye, Sweet Home!

Hello, Bordeaux

And World Unknown.
Rumor has it

That France has no gyms–

So later, Fitness

And nice toned limbs.
I’ve also heard

That fashions’ a must

Guess I’ve lost sweatpants

To Wanderlust!
So goodbye Hoodies

Flipflops and Stained T’s

I can’t walk around Paris

In any of these.
Goodbye Banged-Up Bike,

You so beat the car.

You taught me to work hard

If I want to go far.
There’s quite a few faces

I wish I could have seen,

But timing’s a bitch

And distance is mean.
So goodbye, my good friends,

Keep the laughs that we’ve shared!

(Who’s willing to guess

Europe hears mine and gets scared?)
Bye Mom, Deuces Annika,

Peace out La—Indie, too.

It’s gonna be hilarious

Trying to live without you.
But hello, World!

What’s up, Life On My Own!

I’ve heard you’re insane

From others you’ve known.
You’re full of mistakes,

You’ll make me cry,

You’ll confuse me to death

(Jokes, I’ll try not to die).
But what’s good, Discovery?!

I’m bursting at the seams

At this exciting first meeting

With the place of my dreams.
After all that paperwork

That money, all that prep–

All that work that’s led up

To this crazy next step…
I say “Au revoir!”

To all that I know,

My ticket says I’m ready,

And my heart whispers “Go.”


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