The Second Shooter

You can only smell gunpowder

If the shot is street-level,

Occurs up-wind,

And it blows in your face.

When it happened,

I smelled no gun powder.

But I could have sworn,


You were my killer.
I knew, in the moment, I was shot.

Assassinated, surely.

Straight to the heart.

You shot me,

I could have sworn.

Love is blind.

In the moment, I would have sworn

If I could speak.

But I said nothing, only smiled;

I was slain speechless.

And when it was confirmed!

How my ghost danced!

The autopsy report said Yes,

Yes, it was her heart.

She was struck there.

And my ghost was a pure echo of


It was love lovelovelove

I always knewknewknewknew


Until the detectives were called in.

And the questions were asked.

The key witnesses shook their heads that


No there was no smell.

She was definitely happy but no,

I smelled no gunpowder.

My ghost froze.

Why does gunpowder matter?

I know what I felt!

And the autopsy!

My heart!

The detectives nodded, taking notes:

Ah, but did you know?

You can only smell gunpowder

If the shot is street-level,

Occurs up-wind,

And it blows in your face.

And my lost heart stopped.

Because we had been walking ahead.

We’d been dancing up-wind.

We were right in the spot for everyone to see.

Why did no one smell gunpowder?



We watched the footage.

The detectives,

The witnesses,

And my ghost.

And found….

While you might have carried a weapon–

And I was definitely shot through the heart—

I’d jumped the gun.

You weren’t my shooter.

So now,

As a ghost,

Living with a missing heart,

I haunt these lines,

Aching to whoever is listening….

Let the eye witnesses solve it for you.

I call these eyes ‘Your Closest Friends’.

For the eye-witnesses can solve it for you.

They watch.

And they watch from street-level.

For they’ll be the ones who tell you

If the person beside you—

Or the person you dream of—

Is the one who takes your heart.

Or if….

If maybe—

You took it yourself.


If you instead

Gave it away

To the open-air.

Just because you wanted so badly,
So so badly,

To lose your heart.

Yes, take to your truest Witnesses,


You can only smell gunpowder

If the shot is street-level,

Occurs up-wind.

And blows in your face.

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