My Answer to “Why Africa?”

“Dear Katrina,

 I’m writing to you this letter with full pleasure and I greet you and your family. In fact, every thing gonna be alright cause of your support and strong sponsorship. I surprised by talking with you on the phone that made to be happy and tighten hope. I swear that your support changes more in my life.

In this moment, I write this letter, I am with my fellow students in training of three days where we taught about nation “ start your leadership journey today” this made and built the strong idea and hope of future good leader.

I always pray for you and may God bless you, Your lover, your boy

I love you!


Kayenzi centre

 Gahini sector

Kayonza district 16th

December 2015″


….That’s why.

It’s not enough to know there are other voices out there. Sometimes you have to chase them for the full story.

And there are stories over there, waiting to emerge. Waiting to be told through more than letters! Through scars and eyes and hearts and talents and dreams–

And they wait for me, for us, in Rwanda. Somewhere near David. Maybe with David.

Let’s find out.

(OI. Wondering where this all came from? Didn’t expect this? DID? Well I visited and BOOM. Life changed).


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