Sensory Overload

Sometimes you’re so speechless, only your tears say what you can’t.

And there are times when it’s a long smile that can express what you cannot.

Sometimes your heart hurts so much, you think it actually burst into pieces.

There are also times when your heart swells so much, you think it might burst straight through your chest.

Sometimes I sit by myself, and feel Lonliness so deep it makes my bones ache.

There are days when I’m on my own, and I know deep in my bones that I’ve never been more at peace.

To be speechless, to let our hearts be touched, to be on our own….sometimes we lose. And yet, there are times when we win. We must know all sides of our own stories, in order to realize that if we sometimes triumph, it means we’re never always lost.

And in our confusing human bodies, with so many stories coming from so many senses–eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin, soul– transmitting so many stories to our brain…is that not all we can ask for?

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