What if life is a scavenger hunt for the puzzle pieces of our soul, strewn across the world for us to find in our lifetime? I know what it feels like to find a piece, the feeling just doesn’t have a name. Sometimes it’s in the last sentence of the right book, a lingering thought at the end of a beautiful conversation, the mesmerizing colors of an unforgettable sunset, the pressure of genuine hug, a surge of strength on a stage. I’ve felt it when my heart stung, too, over a harshly broken dream. It’s like the feeling of being infinite and fragile all at the same time. Invisible, stunning moments that bind so immediately to our heart and mind, we don’t even notice how deep they soaked in. It’s like that sliver of a moment was a piece we knew belonged to us all along, falling right into place with the rest of our soul. And so we spend our lives, collecting these pieces from loved ones and games and courages and papers and skies and laughs and tears and paint and sand and kisses and fires and scars and rooftops and petals and rain and and and and and

And when we find all our pieces….we simply…go. At least, that’s how I justify losing you. I tell myself you found your last piece in some hidden moment, and you thought “Ah. So that’s how my soul looks all put together. I think I always knew it.” And then left this place, headed up, and began peacefully plotting your next journey; the next places you’ll hide the puzzle pieces of your soul for another adventure on Earth. And I just hope you hide some again, somehow, with me.

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