Hidden Things I Wrote in my Freshman Year Spirals:


“I seem to have misplaced my morals,

and it worries me that I’m in no rush to recover them”


“Shit. It’s pouring rain.”


“What if

You didn’t like the person

You were becoming”


“I don’t have enough middle fingers to show you how I feel.”


“I just watched as a boy successfully chewed on a leaf for an hour. Strange people in college, I tell you.”


“Passion, fie!“


“Seriously, shave today.”


“And then ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay came on,

And the world is good and

Sad again.”


“But I’m worried if I take off this perfect mask–

What if they don’t like what they see?”


“I gotta pee.”


“Of course I have questions, it was a terrible PowerPoint.”


“Tell me.

How are you supposed to figure out who you

Should be with, if you

Cant even figure yourself out?”


“I don’t deserve the good people in this world.”


“Mosquitoes are basically flying syringes. They’re fucking sketch.”




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