Its been Ill

Our first day back into wifi aaaaaand… I spent it hospitalized, whoops. I’ll tell you the details later…  but no malaria, all my tests were negative, and after a couple hours they finally broke the fever. Yay for all my Rwandan doctors (with whom Genevieve and I had to communicate with in French because they couldn’t speak English) and thank GOD for all the mothers on the team who I traveled with.

Here’s my low! Gen had my phone, just found her documentation on it haha. She said we’d laugh about this later…

But there’s been some mad highs…
Like meeting the student I sponsor! David’s sooo smart, it was unreal meeting him.

Damn, I hate to drop a couple stories at once. But we’ve got a 10hour drive in 40 minutes, and I’ve yet to shower the hospital bed off.
Hope ya’ll had a safe fourth. Fun fact: on July 4 Rwanda celebrates the end of the genocide. So there was a lot going on here too!
Alas, details later. All my love,


1 thought on “Its been Ill

  1. You got to meet him! My heart is full!


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