Thank You 5555555BH

Fuck travel blogs, am I right?

I won’t beat around the bush, there’s no time. It’s 6:45 in the morning and I realize that it’s both extremely important that you realize that there are other things going on in this world…

And also I must recognize that you also kind of don’t care.

Like I said, I won’t beat around the bush—there’s no time.
I’m not here to tell you to visit Africa. I’m not here to glorify traveling. I’m trying to explore and show you what exploring people really looks like.

This is no luxury trip to Bali, but this is by no means the Peace Corp, either. We’re being humans, just helping. I’m not paid, fellas.

As you read, I suppose, you’ll learn more. So bear with quick learning, dropped facts, and new names… there’s no time for long introductions, for eons of imagery, for long tangents trying to generate some credibility on my own behalf as a writer or humanitarian.

There’s no damn time for the ego in Africa, that’s my first discovery.

So let’s hit the ground running. Let’s get you into the field with me before, during, or after your exhausting day in California. This is all going to turn very African very quick.

Even in written form.

For instance… before getting off the plane, getting on a bus, getting off a bus, going to a room (before you go anywhere, basically) there’s a listing of the rules and circumstances that Janet gives us about the next situation, like “Don’t drink the water out of the sink”, “Put bug spray all over yourself before you go to bed”, “That cool netting above your bed is a mosquito net, be sure to put that down” and my personal favorite “The wifi password is 5555555BH”.

So let me do the same here, seconds before telling you where World Dance is going at 9am, why we’re going there, and who we’re visiting. Without further ado, I give you…

Circumstances Surrounding My Writing from Here On Out That Kind of Makes This Less A Travel Blog and More Of I Don’t Know Something Else We’ll Talk About That Later

1. There’s no damn time for spell check and grammar. Write first, edit later is something I’ll be going by.
2. The wifi at this first hotel is probably the best wifi I’m going to get this whole trip. And honestly, if you’re reading this I must have hit some miracle spot, I must have prayed to the right. Type up, post later will likely be a thing.
3. I’d write more but I forgot my malaria pill upstairs and I really need to go take that.
4. Someone just said something about a bomb, hold up.

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