Fastest Way to Grow: Leave California (But Bring Gifts for Your 7,500 Hosts Like the Good Guest You Are) 

I’m currently sitting on the kitchen floor of Janet’s kitchen… because (at this point in my thorough outlet inspection) this room is the only one with wall-holes that the archaic charger (to this equally antique laptop) seems to want to mate with.

Ah, right. Who’s this Janet lady? Janet Reineck, the founder of World Dance for Humanity.

Who’s ‘Word Dance for Humanity’? It’s the name of the non-profit with whom I’m traveling to Rwanda.

Why Rwanda?

Ah boy, let’s not answer all these questions so quick. I’m still trying to process this whole event anyway, folks.


About 10 minutes ago I was just proof-reading a grant Genevieve had written on Janet’s bed. I noticed it said we served…

“7,500?” I let out to the air. “So all these Co-ops we’re visiting… there’s that many people?”

Janet didn’t look up from her sewing.

“Yep. We serve 7,500 Rwandans.” She halted for a moment, and I head the machine stop whirring. “And our job” she paused again, “Our job is to touch, hug, love, and meet as many of these 7,500 as we can. They are our family.” Janet finished matter-of-factly with a nod and, without looking up, went immediately back to the patterned blouse she was hemming.

The sewing machine was humming again, and I observed as the dance teacher sat there in only her bra and underwear– moving swiftly and speedily between emails, printing, packing, and tailoring–underneath a wooden placard hanging on the wall saying “Live life so passionately that when your feet hit the floor in the morning Satan says “Damn, she’s up!”

So this is the type of woman who changes the world. 

She laughed again, eyes focused on the thread. “I can just imagine you writing about this in your blog.”

I laughed back…so women who change the world also have a knack for knowing people? 

I left for the kitchen to leave her to her multi-tasking in peace.

And so….

And so my eyes are heavy, my fingers somewhat sore… and I haven’t even gotten to tell you why this blog is called “the Art of Jumping”. In my defense, I’d already sold most of my enthusiasm to admiring the display of humanity that met my facebook plea earlier.  In 12 hours OVER 100 BRAS WERE COLLECTED TO DONATE TO THE RWANDAN WOMEN…

I can’t even.

Classic Katrina.

Which basically leads me to this ending/beginning…

We leave for Rwanda tomorrow. The answers to a lot of things will come then.

Also I have no idea what I’m doing,

Except I do.


Til then,


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